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It’s time to choose the refrigerator model that’s perfect for you now that you are aware of the several types available. Here are some excellent suggestions to keep in mind while you buy for your refrigeration equipment.

Trust the Best Brands – When purchasing, compare brand names to choose which is best for you upright Freezers , just like you would with any other product. It is crucial to identify and focus on one refrigeration manufacturer because there are many of them.

Each business has its advantages and disadvantages. The primary objective of certain businesses is to provide high-quality products, while the primary objective of other businesses is to produce products at the lowest possible price. You should look into True, Turbo Air, and Delfield as your finest options. It is definitely worth purchasing your equipment from one of these three well-known and well-respected businesses in the commercial refrigeration sector.

Examine the Warranty –

Everything that rises must also fall. That holds true for many aspects of life, even your refrigerator. You will eventually require commercial refrigerator maintenance.

The majority of refrigeration brand names provide a 3-year labor and replacement cost warranty on their devices. Frequently, you’ll be protected by a sizable network of licensed experts that are on call and prepared to restart your restaurant refrigeration as soon as possible.

If there is ever a problem with your business refrigeration, you want it fixed right away. If you wait too long, you can end yourself with seriously ruined food and high replacement expenditures. There is always a solution available to you if you ever need an emergency repair.

Select a Size

There are many different sizes and styles of commercial refrigerators and freezers. You will need to estimate the space you have for your fridge and proceed from there depending on what kind of commercial refrigeration unit you need. Never forget to measure and check that your restaurant has enough space for your refrigerated equipment to open and close.

After making sure there is enough space for your industrial refrigeration, you need to look at the inside measurements. How much food do you intend to have on hand? Are you aware of the amount of storage space you need? Even while some refrigeration units may have identical outside measurements, their interiors can differ significantly due to various designs. Choose the best unit that will meet your restaurant’s needs by taking into account the type of food you will often store inside.

Condenser Unit: Keep in Mind –

Don’t undervalue the function of the condenser in your refrigerator. Your refrigeration system’s condenser unit constantly operates to maintain the chilly temperature of your food in storage. A refrigerator can have a bottom-mount or top-mount condenser unit.

Between the two positions, there are benefits and distinctions. Bottom-mount condensers are frequently simpler to maintain and clean, and they put less stress on the fridge during the summer. The majority of restaurant owners, however, prefer top-mount condensers since they don’t collect as much dust and debris and don’t result in hot air circulating within the refrigerator when it is open. While each location has advantages and disadvantages, you should examine which is best for your restaurant’s needs before making a decision.

Applying the aforementioned advice will help you choose wisely since there are many options to consider when shopping for commercial refrigeration.

Using less energy

What happens when you get your refrigeration units? How can you save money to make your refrigeration equipment worthwhile after you just spent a lot of money on fantastic refrigeration equipment that will last for a very long time with correct usage and maintenance? Using less energy is the simplest solution!

Here are some fantastic suggestions you can put into practice to significantly reduce your annual refrigeration costs. You can certainly use the money you save by taking advantage of these savings to advertise your business and draw in more clients.

Turn off Door Heaters – The doors of most walk-in freezers feature heaters to make it easier for you to open and close them without getting your hands terribly cold. However, you don’t really need to keep the door heater on unless there is a lot of frost on the door or a lot of moisture accumulating around the sides or front of the unit. Door heaters can be turned off to save you more than $75 a year.

Give your refrigerator some wiggle room while you are conducting measurements to determine what size refrigerator you can fit. Make sure you don’t put your freezers or refrigerators in awkward spaces. Better air circulation and reduced energy waste will result from doing this. By keeping heat from accumulating in confined spaces, you are avoiding the needless increase in energy costs that would result from your commercial refrigeration having to work harder and consume more energy.

Keep an eye on your refrigerant charge if you have a walk-in freezer to be sure it doesn’t run out. The compressor will experience additional strain if there is too little. For just this purpose, sight glasses are integrated into every walk-in freezer. When the unit is operating, you should arrange a maintenance check with an HVAC professional as soon as you notice visible bubbles accumulating on the glass. Putting off taking action could result in your walk-in freezer breaking down and not working, which is much worse and more expensive than receiving the assistance you require.

Display Cases Should Have Night Covers –

Open-case refrigerators are a fantastic way to display your food, but they can be very energy-intensive, especially after hours. Investing in night covers will allow you to keep the cold air inside the case, reducing the amount of labor your unit has to do at night.

Replace existing standard efficiency shaded-pole motors on evaporator fans with Electronically Commutated Motors (ECMs). Once ECMs are installed, businesses that apply with PG&E may be eligible for rebates between $35 and $50. Long-term restaurant expenditures can be significantly decreased by this inexpensive addition to walk-in freezers and refrigerators thanks to lower utility prices each month and minimal maintenance requirements.

Evaporator fan motors called ECMS are more effective than typical shaded-pole motors. If you have your ECMs registered, you can often receive $35 to $50 in rebates from PG&E. With lower monthly expenditures and less of a need for commercial refrigeration maintenance, this simple update for walk-in freezers can significantly reduce your restaurant’s costs over time.

Scheduled Preventative Maintenance’s Advantages

I’ve talked about refrigeration models so far and how to pick the ones that are best for your business. I’ve discussed how to conserve money and energy using some straightforward, doable strategies. The only thing I have left to discuss with you is how to safeguard your commercial refrigeration and keep it operational for an extended period of time.

Setting up preventative maintenance for your industrial refrigeration is your best defense. Why not treat your commercial refrigeration the same way you wouldn’t want your car’s engine to quit mid-freeway? You wouldn’t want one of your critical assets—a car or your commercial refrigeration—to abruptly quit working. This is why you should have your car serviced on a regular basis and hire a licensed HVAC professional to thoroughly evaluate your commercial refrigeration system.

What makes maintaining commercial refrigeration so great?

First off, you’ll be aware of any refrigeration issues before they materialize into actual issues. Being a restaurant owner, finding your entire stock ruined and smelling bad is one nightmare you don’t want to experience.

Additionally, you won’t have to stress about performing repairs yourself. If refrigeration repair is not your thing, there is no need for you to spend hours online viewing how-to videos while worrying that you’ll make a mistake and break the entire unit. There’s a good reason why you can get assistance from trained, highly qualified specialists.

Last but not least, enlisting assistance will ultimately save you money. Regular maintenance nearly ensures that your business refrigeration system will last longer, so you won’t have to worry about replacing your refrigeration units for a very long time.

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