lis of seven amazing short hairstyles that will make any man better looking starting with the Jersey Shore spiky hairstyle no I’m messing with you come on I’m not gonna start with .

Messy French Crop Hair Style

Messy French Crop Hair Style

let’s just start Number one is the messy French crop it’s a lot better, the messy French crop is one of the easiest Hairstyles to have and maintain basically you go super low on the sides you can get a fade if you want to or you can go very very tight on the sides and back and then up top you go a little bit longer but not that much longer like one to three inches and that’s really it and because it’s a messy French crop that means that you literally don’t have to make it perfect right

what you do is you blow dry your hair forward and then just use your fingers to create some texture create some waves some messiness right it’s a careless look and it looks amazing highly recommend you style this with a texture powder because that’s going to create that amazing texture that is needed in a messy French crop.

Asymmetric Quiff Hair Style

Asymmetric Quiff Hair Style

Next is a asymmetric quiff  I don’t think ever but honestly I love this hairstyle it’s something that I’m kind of rocking right now Do you  know what a quiff is basically when your hair is styled upwards and backwards that’s the definition of equipment but with an asymmetric Cliff you just part it a little bit higher so there’s that asymmetric part.

now the reason why I love this hairstyle for guys with shorter hair is only because it’s different from a quiff right it shows that there’s something special about this a quiff is it can be kind of boring it can be very basic I mean it’s a classic hairstyle that will never go out of style however an asymmetric whip it adds a little twist to it and I really enjoy that in everything that I do whether it’s with clothing or hairstyles a little twist to it. 

Messy Quiff  Hairstyle

Messy Quiff  Hairstyle

number three is a messy quiff which to me it’s got to be one of the coolest hairstyles ever it’s a hairstyle that will never go out of fashion and it’s so easy to actually make it look really good all you gotta do is basically blow dry your hair upwards and backwards you’re give it some volume and ta-da you’re done you’re gonna look good and a messy quiff is a hairstyle that looks good in pretty much any face shape.

so whether you have a round square triangle whatever face shape it doesn’t matter it’s going to look good on it but to style this you’re definitely going to need a blow dryer you just need your own blow dryer stop borrowing your girlfriends or your sisters or whoever get your own blow dryer a blow dryer is going to allow you to shape your hair perfectly in today’s guide has an amazing hair dryer that I want to show you guys this is the Lathan Swift hair dryer basically the drop of a hair dryer. 

I think you all know but let’s go over the basics here right it speeds up the water evaporation from your hair’s surface that’s really what it comes down there are two critical factors one is air speed it needs to be fast and then the other is the temperature the heating temperature the higher the air speed or the temperature the faster the drying time normally a hair dryer is going to take a long time to dry your hair and that can cause damage that’s going to over overheat your hair so you want something that’s fast and powerful and that’s exactly what the leaf and hair dryer does it’s got a 110 000 RPM Motor.

which means it’s going to dry your hair up to 50 faster so that way you’re not damaging your hair it’s also a lot more quiet than traditional hair dryers I hate the sound that some hair dryers make this is actually pretty quiet.

especially when you look at how powerful it is it’s lightweight to hold and it has the motor and the handle instead of in the head of the dryer which means it takes off the weight of your hand and puts it more on your arms and shoulders which is obviously going to be a lot stronger than your wrist the lights in the back indicate the temperature

so blue for cold orange for warm and red. for hot air and I have to say the leaf and Swift dryer is a beast it’s super powerful and fast drying 50 faster than a normal hair dryer and it’s also very lightweight it comes with all the attachments that you need to style your hair it comes with these two directional nozzles and a diffuser.

if you’re going for a curly look and yes it does come in a bunch of different colors it looks really good it’s one of the best looking hair dryers that I’ve ever seen and yes it is a little bit more expensive than the traditional hair dryer.

The one I guarantee you it’s worth it and then two I have a discount code for you guys to get forty dollars off your hair dryer if you use a code lf40 you get 40 bucks off your hair dryer and I’m Gonna Leave a link to it in the description below trust me this is a great investment you’re going to use this hair dryer for a long time to come so check that first link below go check it out and use the code lf40 to get 40 off of your order of the leaf and Swift hair dryer.

Classic Crew Cut Hair Style


Classic Crew Cut Hair Style

There’s no way I could make this list without talking about the classic crew cut the classic crew cut classic it’s just never gonna go away it’s one of those hairstyles that have been around for ages for decades right and yes it can be seen as a little bit boring but it’s one of those hairstyles that look good in every single guy and I feel like every guy in the world has tried the crew cut at one point or another like if you’re building a character in a video game you’re gonna give them a crew cut that’s like that’s like the base model.

you know what I mean and that’s how I feel about the crew cut is it a crazy amazing hairstyle no is it for sure gonna work on your face shape yes so if you’re not sure what to do with your hair yet. 

maybe you’ve had a buzz cut for a really long time or you’ve had long hair if you get the crew cut you know for a fact it’s gonna work out it’s also perfect

if you work in an office if you need to look presentable and professional a crew cut is for sure gonna work next up something a little more edgy something a little different let’s call this one the high end tight and you can see why we call it the high end tide.

because basically the size you have a very high fade right it goes all the way up on the sides and back and then up top it’s very tight haircut it’s very short so there’s not a lot of room to play with this one here the maintenance levels are very  low my man you wake up you look in the mirror.

you do one of these you smile and you walk away that’s pretty much it you know there’s not much that needs to be done if you grow the top a little bit longer you can maybe brush it add some paste.

Messy French Crop Hair Style

Messy French Crop Hair Style

Texture powder and I think that will look perfect another really cool thing about the high-end tight is that you can actually style it into a messy French crop if you want to so you can just

brush it forward so now with this one haircut you have two separate hairstyles depending on your mood depending on how much effort you want to put into it by the way if you’re enjoyed this article if you like these hairstyles.hit that support button below because I hear if you hit that support button your hair grows faster it looks better it’s just that’s just how it works right on. 

basically guys it’s my job here to help you live a better life to help you look amazing so if that sounds good to you hit that support button below become a Dwpost family member that would mean the world to me just just see you here more often the next hairstyle on today’s.

Curly Undercut Hair Style

Curly Undercut Hair Style

list is the curly undercut the curly hairstyle is a style that was popular back in the day and it just had this massive comeback like it was all over tick tock every e-boy Tick-Tock boy had

this hairstyle just because it was so popular & the cool thing about this hairstyle is that it’s

actually very  easy to maintain into style all you gotta do is get a low fade okay and then leave the top a little bit longer add a little bit of molding paste or curling cream and then

use the leaf and Swift hair dryer with the diffuser to diffuse your hair to diffuse that heat and blow dry your hair into place it is so so easy honestly it doesn’t take long at all and it’s going to look so so good the trick with the curly undercut that I found when I had it is basically to enhance your curls and to enhance the curls you just need a little bit of product that adds a very slight shine to it like the Forte series styling cream for example so just something that adds a slight shine and enhances defines those curls.

The next hairstyle is something that obviously I couldn’t just leave out because when it comes to short hairstyles the king of short hairstyles is the buzz cut.

Buzz Cut Hair

Buzz Cut Hair Style

The buzz cut is something that it just makes you look like a man there’s no better way to say it like you if you have a buzz cut you look like a masculine dude you look like a strong dude.

especially if you have you know this special structure for it the cheekbones or the jaw or the chin it just looks sick it looks sick and in my opinion boy has always

looked into like a platinum blonde buzz cut because I just think it looks super super cool I really enjoyed that look so if you’re going for a buzz cut remember you can get a buzz cut and you can dye your hair.

It looks really awesome and like the high and tight even more so the buzz cut extremely low maintenance is literally nothing you wake up you look at yourself in the mirror and then you walk away and that is absolutely it but for any of these other hairstyles.

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