Shift Work Sleep Disorder

Throughout the industrialized world, nearly one in five adults work a nontraditional shift outside of regular 9 am to 5 pm hours. Among this group, a subset of shift workers develops Shift Work Sleep Disorder (SWD), which is characterize by insomnia and/or excessive sleepiness. Order Modafinil Australia is associate with significant adverse health consequences, diminish quality of life. And increase societal costs, particularly at the workplace level through accidents, errors, and lost productivity.

Those who experience shift work disorder typically develop a misaligned circadian rhythm that results in a disrupted sleep-wake cycle. The circadian rhythm regulates the release of two important hormones, melatonin, and cortisol.

At night, melatonin helps you sleep, while cortisol boosts your energy during the day. Both of these hormones are critical for your body’s ability to function properly.

But when you’re working a shift, your brain doesn’t have time to readjust its clock. Which means you might go to bed at the wrong time and wake up late for work. This can leave you feeling tired and confused all the time.

According to research, Shift Work Sleep Disorder can affect people from all backgrounds. It has been link to a variety of health problems, including stress, obesity, and depression.

A doctor can diagnose Shift Work Sleep Disorder through a number of tests and procedures. Such as taking a detailed sleep diary or wearing a tracking device that records your activity for several weeks. This information can help a doctor identify if you have SWD and can recommend treatment.

If you have Shift Work Sleep Disorder, you may be able to manage your symptoms by changing your sleep and work schedules. However, if you have been working a night shift for a long time and your symptoms are severe, your doctor might consider medication to help you get the sleep you need.

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