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The complete list of individuals in your village or town who will receive employment under the MGNREGA in the fiscal year 2023 can be found by consulting the NREGA job card list 2023. Each year, some individuals are remove from the nrega job card list and others are add based on the criteria. Anyone who meets the NREGA requirements may apply for an NREGA work card.

35 states and union territories across the nation have access to the NREGA job card list for the previous 12 years, from 2010–11 to 2023. You can download a list of NREGA job cards by state by following a few easy steps.

MGNREGA Act- What is it?

The NREGA job card list for 2023 contains a complete list of all the people in your village or town who will be employe under the MGNREGA throughout the fiscal year. Depending on the criteria, some people are periodically taken off the NREGA work card list, while others are added. An NREGA work card application can be made by anyone who satisfies the NREGA requirements.

The nrega job card list  for the preceding 12 years, from 2010–11 to 2023, is available to 35 states and union territories nationwide. Following a few simple steps will allow you to download a list of NREGA employment cards by state.

How Is the NREGA Programme Beneficial?

Applicants are eligible for an unemployment benefit in the event that employment is not found within 15 days of their application. In other words, if the government fails to create jobs, it must still give those people certain unemployment benefits. Thus, employment under the NREGA Scheme is a right recognised by law. Contractor participation in MGNREGA implementation is prohibited and will be handled mostly by gramme panchayats (GPs).

NREGA can support social fairness, environmental protection, rural women’s emancipation, reduced rural-urban migration, and economic security in addition to developing rural assets. Numerous safeguards are provided by the law to support its efficient administration and dwpost application. The act makes clear the guiding principles and organisations responsible for carrying them out, the list of permitted construction projects, the method of financing it, monitoring and assessment, and, most significantly, the specific steps used to ensure accountability and transparency.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. What Are Job Cards?

Job Cards are important documents of employees’ MGNREGA rights. It provides openness, protection against scam, and gives registered households the lawful right to apply for jobs.

  • What steps are involved in applying for a job?

Adult household members who wish to register under MGNREGA for unskilled wage jobs may do so. You can submit an application for registration to the neighbourhood Gramme Panchayat on the required form or on plain paper. Additionally, registration will be open at the GP office throughout the year to provide migrant families with as many opportunities as possible.

  • Is there a pre-printed form I can use to fill out my information when applying for a Job Card?

The State Government is permit to make a printed form available in the manner specified in the applicable MGNREGA Operational Guidelines 2013 Annexures. A printed form should not, however, be required.

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