Draw A Campfire

How to Draw A Campfire. One of the best ways to unwind is to get away from it all with a fun camping trip in the great outdoors!

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When the chill of the night air creeps in, the best way to combat it is to make a roaring campfire to sit around.

They’re also great for activities like telling ghost stories and roasting marshmallows! It can also be fun to rekindle camping memories by learning to draw a campfire.

If that’s what you want to learn, then you’ve picked the perfect tutorial!

This step-by-step guide to drawing a campfire will show you how and have tons of fun!

How to Draw A Campfire

Step 1

Every campfire has firewood at the base, as reflected in this first step of our guide on drawing a campfire.

To start this look, you can draw two vertical oval shapes for the ends of two pieces of wood.

Then you can extend two straighter lines inward from these ovals. Then you can draw two more angular shapes on top of these outlines for more pieces of wood.

We’ll add more wood to the stack in the next step, so let’s get started!

Step 2

In this phase of the campfire, we will add more logs to the woodpile. After all, we want to make a nice big fire, so we need a lot of wood for this!

You can drag three more circle shapes between the other two to get more wood on the pile. Then extend other lines inward from these circles as you did with the others. Then we can proceed to draw real fire from this campfire!

Step 3

For this part of our guide on how to draw a campfire, it’s time to draw fire. For now, let’s draw the outline base for the fire.

They draw it with curved restraints that form the rounded base of the fire. There will also be some slightly sharper lines on the sides where the flames flare out.

Step 4

In this fourth part of your campfire drawing, you’ll add more to the outline of the fire you lit in the previous step.

Unlike the base, which had more rounded than jagged lines, we used more jagged and sharp lines for the top of the fire.

Then we can refine the outline of the fire and do the finishing touches in the next few steps.

Step 5

We can complete the outline of the fire in this next step of our guide to drawing a campfire.

We mentioned in the previous step that we would be using sharper lines for the top part of the fire, and that’s certainly the case here. To complete the outline of the fire, draw some sharper, more curved lines to form the thinnest point of the fire.

You can even change the orientation and size of these shapes to create your unique variation on the fire shape if you’d like! So we need to add a few final details and colors before you finish. So let’s continue with the last two parts.

Step 6

This step of your campfire drawing is about putting the finishing touches on the image.

These details carry over to both the fire and the logs, and you can add some extra details and elements that you might like!

For the fire, you can use some sharper lines to create shapes that overlap inside the outline of the flame. These are more details that you can tweak a bit to your liking.

So for the logs, you can draw a spiral shape on the circular end of each piece of wood. Then you can finish it by drawing a few lines down the length of the wood.

This includes the details in this guide, but feel free to add your own! You could draw a background showing the rest of the campsite or even draw some people sitting around it.

Step 7

This brings you to the seventh and final step of this guide to drawing a campfire! Here you can add your beautiful favorite colors to finish it off.

We used yellow and orange for the fire in our photo and brown tones for the wood. However, these are our suggestions, and you should feel free to use whatever colors you love!

You can also experiment with different artistic mediums. For example, watercolors might work well for the softer fire look, but whatever you choose will look great!

Your Campfire Drawing is Finished!

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