How to Draw Your Bubble V

Bubble Letter V – How to Draw Your Bubble V. V is the twenty-second letter of the alphabet, which we usually see quite frequently in English. It is also one of the easiest letters to learn to write. The uppercase and lowercase versions of the V look identical, except the lowercase version is slightly smaller. We know it’s an easy lyric to write, but we’re here to do it.

A little more fun and unique. We will do it by learning how to draw a bubble with the letter V! In just 6 steps, you’ll see how you can make a cool version of this letter. We’ll also review some ways to color and add your way to the design. Let’s get started with this guide to see how you can create a fun version of this card!

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Step 1

When you reflect, the letter V is drawn and penned by uniting two diagonal lines at a point at the base of the letter. We’ll do the same thing with this bubble version of the font, starting with the line on the left. Even for letters that are simpler like this, we recommend drawing them first with a pencil. This pencil version can be drawn like a normal written V, as it’s only there to guide you.

Think of it as a frame you would draw the bubble rendition around. With that in mind, we can draw the letter’s first line. This line will be steep, with a slight curve at the top. When you draw it, follow the reference image as closely as possible. When you’re happy with how it looks, you’re ready to move on to step 2 of the guide.

Step 2

We drew a fairly long line in the previous step, but we’ll keep things simple in this step. In this step, we’ll extend the end of the previous lineup and then curve it.

As you can see in the reference image, you’ll end up with a horseshoe shape with one side much longer. That’s all. This is for this step, so we can continue with step 3 of the guide.

Step 3

You had a break with the previous step, where we drew only a small section of the letter, but we’ll draw a much larger portion in this one. Don’t worry; following the reference image and our guide should be simple! In this, we will continue to lengthen the line that we stopped in step 2 by a fairly steep slope. We’ll do a twist when you get to the end of the letter.

At this point, you will angle back up a steep incline. This will be the first line on the right side of the letter. You’re near the end now, as in the next step, we’ll draw the hiatus of the design of this bubble with the letter V. After that, you’ll have the fun part of drawing some details and adding some colors.

Step 4

Now we are ready to finish the outline of the letter V we have been drawing. Like with the written letter V, the two sides should perfectly mirror each other. Therefore, we will repeat the first steps, but this time in reverse. Continuing where the previous line left off, keep the line slightly upwards. It will then curl up at the top again and fall again. Eventually, you’ll come across the other line where you left off, completing the outline of the card.

Now, all that’s left is adjusting the lines and ensuring everything looks right before adding the final details. You can also erase any pencil you plan to make. We won’t need them; they will get in the way when we add the interior details. Be careful not to smudge any final lines if you do this! When it’s ready, let’s finish the outline in the next step.

Step 5

Now that your letter outline is complete, we’ll make it look even better with a few simple details. With these details, we’ll make this letter look less like a flat letter on a page and more like a bubble letter that’s a real object. The first key is drawing some reflective dots on the letter. This will help the letter look like it’s made from a latex bubble or balloon. You can easily achieve this effect by drawing two small ovals at each point at the top of the letter. At least, this is where we chose to place these shapes, but you can place them elsewhere if you’d like. Remember that a light source will project them, so adding too many ovals can make it less effective.

Adding thin lines along the inner contours can show that the letter has some volume and depth. This will help make this card look like it is filled with air. You can also play around with where you put these lines to make them more personalized. You can then proceed to the final step, but you can also add some additional items. Adding some polka dots to the letter might be fun. You can also add many other shapes! You can think about it for now, but we’ll look at some more complicated ideas you can try after the next step.

Step 6

With this bubble of the letter V, we intend it to look like a 3D bubble or balloon. We already started doing this with the details last time, but we can do it even more with the colors! We decided to use a light blue color scheme in our reference image. However, you will see that we use colors to give it more depth. You can use darker shades of the colors, fading into lighter shades to make it look like the letters have some depth. As you approach the reflective points we drew earlier, the colors should become lighter.

You can do this trick no matter what color you wear! We recommend that you use the colors you prefer. You can also mix and match different colors to give this letter a more rainbow-like look. If you drew polka dots or other details on the letter before, you could use that pattern to add many different colors! You can also achieve more variation by using various art tools and mediums to help colors contrast with each other in unique ways.

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