A pipe locator is a device used to locate hidden underground pipelines. Pipe locators come in a variety of prices and work in different ways. The flushable transmitters, remote transmitters, and inspection camera sondes can all send out signals that can be picked up by the pipe locator in the USA. They are able to locate septic tanks, map drain lines, and follow the signals to spot obstacles and damaged pipe sections.

The ultrasonic thickness gauge in the USA measures the material thickness using ultrasonic calibration blocks and high-frequency sound waves. This apparatus works by applying a transducer, a kind of probe, to the substance being assessed.

Top Pipe Locators in the USA

Pipehorn 800HL Model MD840 Dual-Frequency Pipe Locator

You can always choose the dual-frequency PIPEHORN 800HL utility locator tool over the single-frequency PIPEHORN model. The 9 kHz frequency is required to locate deeper underground lines. With it, finding underground wires and utilities is simple, and is the top pipe locator in the USA.

When the direct connection is not possible and on the toughest conductors, such as coated iron pipes with insulated joints, unenergized power, short side services & stub-outs, and fiber, PIPEHORN is the best utility location tool on the market. A PIPEHORN locator is the best tool in the USA for searching for unmarked utilities in a location.

Features and Benefits

  • There is no longer a high-frequency conduction air broadcast option. It delivers greater messages than the worst conductors.
  • The clear audible tone and quick-response signal intensity meter enable precise targeting.
  • A waterproof, strengthened receiver wand that is more powerful than ever.
  • An auditory tone indicates a powerful battery and a healthy connection.

Multi-frequency Pipe Locator by Schonstedt Loki

For quickly and effectively “sweeping” a huge area in search of subsurface assets, this pipe locator in the USA is perfect. The Schonstedt Loki’s many features make the detection of underground utility lines quick and easy.

Features and Benefits

Some of its benefits and features include: 

  • The simple mode selection matches the device and the signal type you need to locate.
  • The sonde mode can locate the signal of a suitable sonde.
  • The transmitter mode can be used to locate the imposed transmitter signals on underground utilities.
  • The Power Mode can be used to locate the electromagnetic fields generated by loaded power lines.

AquaTracer 300 Multi-Frequency Pipe Locator

The AQUATRACER 300 is a straightforward and precise pipe and cable locator that was developed for professionals who are dedicated to protecting subsurface infrastructure. It is the best pipe locator in the USA.


  • Due to its strength, rechargeability, and adjustability, the AQUATRACER 300 is perfect for use in congested easements, lengthy runs of pipe and cable, as well as for routine service drops.
  • The 84 WH Lithium-Ion batteries that come with this pipe locator in the USA have a longer working life and lightweight construction.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge in the USA

Ultrasonic corrosion thickness gauges (DM5E)

The highest quality in the sector is represented by the DM5E family of portable corrosion monitoring thickness gauges.

The DM5E corrosion ultrasonic thickness gauge in the USA sets the standard for precise, straightforward thickness measurement and is compatible with our best-in-class probes. Even in the most demanding environments, you can rely on the results they produce thanks to their user-friendly UI and simple calibration. They are ergonomically designed for daily use and are lightweight.

Benefits and Features

• Simple operation automatically determines thickness, assisting you at each step.

Improved high-temperature performance is made possible by contemporary dedicated probes.

• The DM5E and DM5E DL both offer dual-multi measurement, allowing for simple measurement through protective coatings.

The Ultrasonic thickness gauge – UTG-4000

The UTG-4000 ultrasonic thickness gauge in the USA will accurately display measurements in either inches or millimeters after being calibrated to a specified thickness or sound velocity.


  • This innovative, brand-new ultrasonic thickness gauge is stacked with helpful features that provide users assurance about the values being presented for even the most critical situations.
  • When conventional thickness gauges were ineffective, this dynamic ultrasonic thickness gauge was created to measure the thickness of metallic and non-metallic materials.

Krautkrämer CL5 Handheld Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Due to their intricate design, metal, steel, and plastic components are typically difficult to check with conventional gauges, making the Krautkrämer CL5 suitable for precise thickness readings and is the top ultrasonic thickness gauge in the USA.

By using the optional live A-scan to display the ultrasonic response in real-time, it can correctly position the transducer and verify the accuracy of the test when components have increasingly complex shapes.


  • The user-friendly, transportable, and sturdy design of the CL5 allows for simple one-handed usage in the field or on the bench. 
  • Its distinctive design does away with the requirement for specific keys and instead provides clear on-screen instructions.


We at GE Equipment provide a wide selection of high-quality Pipe Locators and Ultrasonic thickness gauges in the USA to our customers. Get premium pipe locators and ultrasonic thickness gauges of the highest quality by getting in touch with us right away!


What tasks are carried out by pipe locators?

Pipe and Cable Locators are made up of two major components, a transmitter, and a receiver, in their most basic form. The wand, or receiver, is used to find the signal that the line is producing after the transmitter component induces the signal into a pipe or cable.

What degree of precision does a pipe locator have?

Although individual line indication is still possible down to 1.2d of spacing, where error can reach 60%, lines are closer together, according to the locator. More than 10% accuracy may be attained if the separation is at least twice as great as the depth.

What function does an ultrasonic thickness gauge serve?

A non-destructive testing technique called ultrasonic thickness measurement (UTM) is used to check the metal thickness of ship hulls, pipes, and structural steel. Measurements of thickness are widely used in many industries to monitor corrosion and damage.

What degree of precision does ultrasonic thickness measurement have?

Without having access to both sides of an object, ultrasonic techniques provide for quick and accurate thickness measurement in thickness gauging applications. Calibrated accuracy of up to 2 micrometers (0.0001 inches) is feasible in some applications.

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