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Looking for the best company offering the best deal for  riyadh taxi service   umrah in town? ‘Travel for Umrah’ is the answer to your call. Travel for Umrah is the UK’s one of the leading travel companies, offering best deals and cheap packages to the people who wants to see the holy Kabah for many years. Though we have many deals to bestow to your customers, the best of among all is mentioned here so that you can take a glimpse at the best package ‘Travel for Umrah’ is offering you.

4 Star Umrah Package

4 Star Umrah Package is best to be chosen for Umrah because not only they are moderately priced but also they have amenities and facilities that a pilgrim requires during his or her Umrah spree. 4 Star or Economy Umrah packages give a chance to the passengers of holy excursion to enjoy best while being in budget.

This 4 Star package is no month bound or season- specified so pilgrims can choose it anytime in the 8 months for Umrah (the remaining 4 months from Shawwal to Muharram are for Hajj applicants and Hajj forms). This economy package consists of 10 days in total where pilgrims have to stay for the first 5 nights in Makkah and the next 5 nights in Madinah. Other specifications of this Umrah package are as follows that will make it easy for you to choose this package as your travel companion.


As mentioned prior, out of total 10 days, 5 nights have to be spent in Makkah and the next 5 in Madinah. In Makkah, pilgrims will make Ramada Ajyad as their accommodation while in Madinah Ramada Al Hamra will be their stay place. Pilgrims accessing these hotels thru this 4 Star Umrah package will be provided with B & B only.

Ramada Ajyad

One of the finest hotels in its category, Ramada Ajyad is number one choice of the pilgrims coming to Makkah from all across the world. This hotel belongs to 4 Star Category and is among those very few hotels that lie in near proximity of the holy Haram. Ramada Ajyad hotel situates at a minor distance of 400 m from Masjid al Haram, making it super convenient to move back and forth from hotel to the Mosque and vice versa. Ramada Ajyad Hotel is known for providing quality services and friendly staff that deal every guest with honor and dignity. The hotel is also famous because of its security system and gives entry into the hotel to only those who have a valid permit. Free Wi-Fi, family rooms, elevator, cash deposit; safety deposit box, room services, free parking and non-alcoholic areas are few of the many amenities provided by the hotel.

Ramada Al Hamra

Ramada Al Hamra is Madinah’s best hotel that is known for its infinite facilities and well-trained staff. The hotel bestows rooms with flat screen TV, free Wi-Fi, laundry and room services, newspaper and many more. Other services include 24 hour reception. Safety deposit box, daily housekeeping, VIP room facility, air conditioner, lift, facilities for disabled guests, non-smoking areas and many more.

Visa and Transportation

For the attainment of visa, it is very important to consult an agent or a travel agency that is reliable, authentic and can take full responsibility. Many people try to process things on their own but for the acquisition of an Umrah visa, it is necessary to involve a travel agent otherwise, the Saudi Consulate or Ministry of Hajj won’t grant your application.

The agents working for Travel for Umrah are reliable and take full responsibility from the starting of your spree till it gets completed. So visa is included in the package with a surety that things will be done in the neatest manner.

Organizing your transportation in a foreign land is one of the most difficult tasks while planning a jaunt and when it comes to Umrah, it gets even more difficult.  Therefore transportation is included in the package too so the pilgrims opting this package do not have to worry about their transportation in Makkah and can concern only about their prayers and supplications.

Flight Tickets

Flights tickets are included in the package where best airlines are always chosen for your spree.


Paying visitation to the holy sites in Makkah and Madinah increases the essence of an Umrah to manifolds and for the purpose, Ziyarat can be arranged for the pilgrims. It should be noted that it can be arranged at an extra cost.

Package price

The package price starts from £ 760 per person where the fare is based on 4 people sharing. It is one of the  among its category so a best deal for the pilgrims who are looking for a moderate package along with a bunch of good services and quality amenities.

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